Euristic HIS
Euristic HIS integrates an electronic medical record and a specialized management system.
Electronic medical record


  • History and physical examination using free test or formalized data.
  • Support of AMA/HCFA structure for history and exam.
  • Laboratory data with ranges and graphs.
  • Vital parameters, extended to intensive care, with ranges and graphs.
  • Reports with full word processing features and user defined templates.
  • Automatic report generation for the whole folder, the dismission letter, the letter to the referring physician and so on.
  • Drug database with indications and contraindications.
  • Medical diary and nurse diary.
  • Therapy book with all the drug prescription in a department, to support the nurse work.
  • User defined “Drug protocols” comprehending one or more drugs and their administration pattern. This allows a faster prescription and a better precision. The protocol can be defined as dependent on patient weight or body surface: the program will calculate the real doses.
  • Unified center of reservation: it is possible to insert a limitless number of operating units that allow reservations for their services. For every operating unit will be defined a set of procedures with a calendar of availability. The reservation can be made from all the computers connected in the net. The system creates the work schedule for each operating unit.
Management functions

The management functions of Euristic HIS allow to estimate costs and efficiency of the processes. Such functions operate in real time, therefore there is no delay in monitoring supporting interventions needed.

  • Calculation of costs for each operating unit, department, staff and so on.
  • Calculation of procedures cost.
  • Support to the control of prescription appropriateness.
  • Generation of efficiency and quality indicators.
Interfaces with medical devices


  • Acquisition of medical images in DICOM format.
  • Acquisition of images from files in the most diffuse formats (JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF etc).
  • Direct acquisition of video with appropriate video cards.

On the acquired images it is possible to carry out several operations, which measurements of distances and areas, regions, contrast enhancement, filtering and so on. Images can be easily inserted into reports and printed with them.

Quality control
Quality control is an essential function in order to avoid typos, logical errors and so on. The quality control is by itself a sufficient reason for the adoption of an electronic medical folder.
  • Range control: every numerical data has a range of possible values, so reducing typos.
  • Crossed control: some data depends on another.
  • Logical control: as an example if a diagnosis belongs only to male patients, there is an alarm in case of female patients.
Integration with Internet

Euristic HIS offers several levels of interface with Internet.

  • Euristic has an internal browser that allows to save some data found in Internet (such as abstracts, guide lines, papers) directly into the patient folder.
  • Direct access to medical data banks: a query for Medline or similar can be automatically generated using the patient’s active problems. The query and the search results can be saved in the folder and used as “rationale” for theraphy.
  • Integration with e-mail: a report, a set of images, an entire folder, can be e-mailed directly to the referring physician.