Euristic products versions
All Euristic products can be configured in a Client/Server version (indicated for hospitals and centers with many workstations and users) and in a Single Workstation version.
Client/Server version
In the Client/Server version, the computers running Euristic (clients) are connected to the database server through TCP/IP protocol. The connection may happen on all the typical communication channels of such protocol, such as local network (LAN), geographic net, Internet, ISDN, WI-FI. The database server can indifferently run with Windows® 2000 Server, Windows® XP Professional and Linux operating systems. Linux is suggested for systems with many users. The database server is assisted by Backup Server (based on Windows® XP Professional) that carries out periodic backups of the data. Backups are made transparently without slowing the use of the system.
Single Workstation version
The personal version may be installed on Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows® 2000 Server and Windows® XP Professional.