Euristic s.r.l.
Welcome to the web site of Euristic s.r.l., a company specialized in the production of medical information systems. The Euristic products represent a complete and scalable solution for management of large hospitals, small clinics and medical studies.
Euristic s.r.l. differentiates for:
  • Integration between hospital information system (medical data management) and expert systems (medical knowledge management – diagnosis support).
  • The company operates in Italy and in the United States
About the company name
Euristic, half way between the English word “Heuristics” and the Italian word “Euristica”, reflects the conceptual roots of this company: medicine, informatics and, particularly, artificial intelligence.
  • In medicine you have often to deal with incomplete knowledge: the physician uses a drug, whose detailed mechanism of action is unknown, on a living organism whose detailed mechanism is unknown too. But that drug can save a patient and the physician must learn to cope successfully with incomplete information.
  • In artificial intelligence, a core component in our products, Heuristics is: A rule of thumb, simplification, or educated guess that reduces or limits the search for solutions in domains that are difficult and poorly understood. Unlike algorithms, heuristics do not guarantee optimal, or even feasible, solutions and are often used with no theoretical guarantee. Source: The Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing.
  • Last but not least: Heuristic is the art and science of discovery and invention. The word comes from the same Greek root (`ευρισκω) as "eureka," meaning "to find". Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
The School of Athens - 1509 - Raffaello Sanzio (1483, Urbino - 1520, Roma)
Raphael depicts several philosophers of classical antiquity and portrays each with a distinctive gesture, conveying complex ideas in simple images. The School of Athens represents the truth acquired through reason.